Current Passion: Texture

You may be asking yourself…why is texture a trend?  Don’t rooms always need texture? Texture is a key element in any room at any time…but it’s especially cool these days.

Take a look at the inspiration rooms below…adding texture to a room gives it automatic depth.  Texture also adds warmth and interest – it’s fun to look around a room with texture and see different materials.  Many times we don’t even know that’s what our eye is reacting to….but it’s the feeling of having so many varied materials to gaze upon. A textured room feels more comfortable and intimate – which goes back to the Hygge trend that everyone’s been in love with this year.

Photo 1| Photo 2| Photo 3

Want to see even more great textured rooms?  Check out our Pinterest board.

Ways to Add Texture to a Room

Occasional Pieces

A small occasional table is an easy way to add texture and interest to a room. It’s not a huge commitment and it can be an inexpensive way to embrace the trend. We love the fuzzy fur table and have used the cowhide ottoman in many rooms!


The chairs below have interesting texture and are small enough to work with many styles. A nubby fabric or tufted leather, or a great upholstered swivel chair, these pieces give your room depth and interest.

Texture Chairs


From cool wall hangings to intricate light fixtures – you need accessories to give your room texture.  A great nubby rug with different colors and fabrics, great knitted pillows, and cozy throws…these are the accents that any room filled with texture needs to have.

Different textures are key to making a room comfortable, interesting and warm.  We’d love to help you add texture to your room – stop by and visit with one of our designers!

Want to take texture in your home to the next level?  We’ve got a freebie for you below with a ton of great textured wall hangings and art. Check it out~

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