Current Passion: Shiplap

We love Shiplap.

Shiplap isn’t just for farmhouses anymore.  Shiplap can take your room modern, traditional, coastal…with the right accessories and painting, it’s a really versatile material.

Details such as shiplap, crown molding, board and batten…and even wallpaper, make your rooms so much more interesting.  These kinds of accents add depth and interest to your home…and they allow you to put your own stamp on a home, the way painting the walls just won’t.

At by Design we want every client to have a unique home they can be proud to call their own.  We don’t want you to have the same sofa/paint color/quotable sign on your wall that the rest of your friends do.  Each person/family is different – so your home should reflect that.

So today I thought we’d take a look at the different ways adding shiplap can make your house feel.

The Many Different Styles of Shiplap

Modern Shiplap

Yes…shiplap can be modern.  The easiest way to do this is to paint it a matte black color.  You can also accessorize it with modern light fixtures or clean-lined steel accents to bring out the modern.

Photo 1| Photo 2| Photo 3

Cottage Shiplap

People have been using shiplap forever for cottage or nautical style.  It looks great in a room with an interesting ceiling peak and really draws your interest upwards.  Circular windows also help with the cottage look – as wood ceilings that mimic the look of a great old wooden boat.

Photo 1| Photo 2| Photo 3

California Coastal Shiplap

Adding black accents and clean decor can bring out the California cool in shiplap.  Reverse shiplap comes to play in the first image below – and gives the wall lots of interest without as much wood.

Photo 1| Photo 2| Photo 3

Traditional Shiplap

Pretty gold accents and furniture with more curves and flair brings shiplap into the traditional style.  Once again, symmetry in lighting is a hallmark of traditional design – so adding sconces that are completely symmetrical to the shiplap walls really gives that traditional feel.

Photo 1| Photo 2| Photo 3

Rustic Shiplap

I think most people would associate shiplap with the farmhouse look – but here I’m delving more into the rustic side of this coin.  Rustic shiplap isn’t painted – the different tones of the wood are celebrated and featured in these shiplap moments.

Photo 1| Photo 2| Photo 3

One of the best things about shiplap is it’s an easy and relatively low-cost DIY project.  There are tutorials all over the internet on how to take care of this project yourself…and we think it’s definitely worth a try.  If you decide to go for it, we’d love to see a picture (tag us on Facebook when you upload – @bydesignthestore).
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