Current Passion: Monochromatic Spaces

Monochromatic spaces are dramatic, soothing…and can be a relatively easy way to decorate your home.

A monochromatic space has an underlying hue that is repeated in different shades throughout the room. The prettiest rooms in this design have many pieces in different shades – they must be different enough to draw your eye from one piece to another.


Photo 1 | Photo 2

The varying shades of a single tone allow other details in the room to really shine…metals, fabrics and reflective surfaces. Texture is a huge component of this design style – and so are geometric wall treatments.

Photo 1 | Photo 2

It’s also important to highlight different shapes in the room – when the colors are all in similar tones, the other aspects of the room become really important.


Photo 1 | Photo 2


A monochromatic room is made even more beautiful by one contrasting piece…like the beautiful orange sofa in the room above.

We think you should try this look in your home…whether it be in a neutral or bold color palette, a monochromatic look can be a fun and interesting look to pull off!

Brooke Brockman

About the author: Hi, I’m Brooke Brockman, Marketing Director at by Design. I feel so lucky that I get to show Des Moines how important home design is to our daily life and how by Design can make any home a place you LOVE.