Current Passion: Holiday Minimalism

Minimalism is a huge trend this year – so much so that it’s spilling over into holiday decor.

For years the mantra for Christmas decorating has been the more the better…folks would have 5 Christmas trees, 18 bins of Christmas decor, and as soon as the holiday season hit, houses covered in head to toe in red and green!

This year, we’re seeing a big focus on keeping holiday decor minimal and meaningful.

minimal christmas

Finding a few great pieces and giving them space to breathe…really letting them shine.

We also love that simple greenery is the focus of this holiday season. A simply draped mantle, a lovely swath of garland on a staircase…it makes a home festive, but not overly fussy. And don’t forget the lights…they are always one of the most magical elements you can add to your home.

minimal christmas


The colors that are speaking to us this holiday season are rich emeralds, dusty blush tones and even muted navy accents.


This year, instead of pulling out all 15 bins of Christmas Decorations, just grab 3 or 4. Just set out the items you love, or the ones with sentimental value. Leave everything else in the bins and see how your home feels.

Does it feel festive, yet still clean and open? If so – you’re doing holiday minimalism the right way.



Brooke Brockman

About the author: Hi, I’m Brooke Brockman, Marketing Director at by Design. I feel so lucky that I get to show Des Moines how important home design is to our daily life and how by Design can make any home a place you LOVE.