Current Passion: Four Poster Beds

Four Poster Beds are coming back into style and we love it!


These beds make a huge statement in your bedroom and home in general. Four Poster Beds are comforting, yet grand…and they make any bedroom feel more luxurious.


Willard Canopy Bed


Four Poster Bed

These beds sound especially good to us right now since the weather is cold and gloomy and we’re at that point of winter where spring feels very far away.

Anderkit Bed

We want to be comforted and cocooned in our bedrooms. Four Poster Beds make that possible in the most glamorous way.

Marshall Bed


All of our beds will make your bedroom a retreat… a place to rest, relax and recharge so you are the best version of yourself for your daily grind.¬†Make your bedroom a place you want to be and the rest of your life will feel better.

Come visit by Design and let us make your bedroom an unforgettable space.


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