Current Passion: Floral

Lately, every new trend reminds me of the past. Especially this floral trend that we’re expecting in 2018. But the great thing about reimaging past trends is how pretty and interesting they are today…completely different than country feeling flower trends of the past.

Dark and Moody Florals

This is probably our favorite interpretation of this trend. It’s gorgeous in a bathroom, in a hallway, on a headboard or on a bedspread! Dusty colored florals with black accents are lovely and mature and sophisticated.

Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3

Pretty Classic Florals in Shades of Pink

This is a romantic and youthful interpretation of the trend. Suitable for nursery’s, kids rooms, playrooms or romantic bedrooms. The pink in these florals is fresh and pretty, with a gray undertone that keeps it modern looking.

Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3

Vibrant and Bright Florals

These florals are perfect for an unexpected corner or nook of an adventurous homeowner. Bright, fun and energetic, these patterns will bring life and energy to your space. Keep the other finishes neutral so there’s only one focal point in these rooms.

Photo 1 | Photo 2 

The best place to bring the floral trend into your furniture would probably be a pillow or chair…or a beautiful dark and moody headboard! Try this look on for size with removable wallpaper…or a great rug in an otherwise neutral room. Use it sparingly and make sure you love the pattern.

As always – give us a call and we can help you figure out how to bring this trend to your home!