Current Passion: Abstract Art

Ok, so maybe Abstract Art isn’t a new passion…but the large-scale abstract game is so good right now it feels new! Whether you are drawn to geometric or completely abstract – this art is compelling and dramatic…and a great way to add a ton of interest to your room!



Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4

Abstract art can read in many different ways…modern, whimsical, dramatic…even calming.

The black and white lines on the piece below are simple, yet classic – this piece of art would make a dramatic statement in any room.




I love these this pair of blue toned abstracts…they look pretty apart and stunning together.


This dreamy pink picture with gold accents is perfect on it’s own in a large scale print – it’s a show stopper in an entryway or on a large living room wall.

This gold ribbon photo is elegant and abstract – it allows other aspects of your room to shine.

The bold colors of these pieces draw you in and add depth to your room.


And finally, we love the watercolor feel of this neutral piece…it’s classic, yet interesting and appealing.


All these pieces are available at by Design in a variety of sizes….plus many more! Our designers would love to put together a home plan for you with one of these really cool abstract pieces.