Colton Sectional in Char Color Trend Room

Wow. Dramatic and Elegant. What a great room.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of the “Char” interior design trend. Putting this light-colored Colton sectional in this deep, moody setting add incredible pop to this room.  Here is how Char is described:

In Norwalk’s Char colorway we celebrate the absence of color, and the elegance of restraint in the use of nature’s hues. For dark tints think ashes, shadows, mole sauce and soot. For the lighter counterpoints think ivory, salt, pearl, porcelain and eggshell. These nature inspired colors make for restful interiors that celebrate the exploration of shadow and light.

Upholstered pieces accented with reclaimed woods combine with soft metallic finishes. Animal skins contrast with Lucite. Blend all of these elements with the color scheme into a refined and wonderful room.

The Colton sectional pictured above is a perennial favorite. It’s signature low back, tufted seat cushions and choice of metal or wood base create a contemporary classic of furniture styling. Available in both sofa and chair styles or a wide selection of  sectional pieces, the versatility of the Colton allows it to work in almost any floor plan. Also… you gotta love the great Nora ottoman shown with it. The Nora’s curvy lines make a nice counterpoint to the straight lines of the Colton.