Color Trend: Under the Sea

Blue Colors, Seaside Themes Strong in Interior Design


There are recurring Memes in interior design: design ideas and themes that seem to pop up whenever design and color trends are discussed. Several of these themes unite beautifully in one recent trend: Under the Sea.

Caroline Hipple and Dixon Bartlett of HB2 Design explain:

we’ve watched the emergence of sea motifs and colors as a decidedly up moving trend. It seems almost inevitable that sea life and their blue/green range of colors are now showing up in the full range of home decor merchandise. Seahorses, seashells, star fish, shagreen, stone crabs, and various cephalopods are all having their day in the product development sun. From the runways of Paris to our showroom…

Here is the new Amelie sofa from Norwalk Furniture. The neutral fabric is the beach sand of this design. The scooped-track arms and tufted back provide a lush feeling while the coral pattern pillow gives an organic impact. Normally, a leather ottoman like you see in this room might be traditional, however in this context the leather simply adds another “natural” texture. The designer used vivid blues in the area rug and incredible wallpaper to really tell the under-the-sea story.


The white string-like things you see hanging down above the ottoman are part of a chandelier fixture that looks like a jelly fish! That one decision gives this group incredible attitude.

The personality of this next room clearly comes from that one big piece of artwork. Cephalapod! It often happens that one courageous, fun decision like this makes the entire room come together in a wonderful design. Really, we need to do this!


The Bridgeport sofa is shown in a neutral fabric. Rolled shelter arms and deep tufting are the design cues here. The starfish pillows rock the motif. The Swag ottoman in an organic fabric and driftwood legs take what might have been traditional design and push it into a surprisingly  modern place. In the corner you see the handsome new Kemp chair.

Below, you see once more how selecting pillows and accents with organic graphic design gives the entire room that natural look and relaxing atmosphere so desirable in our busy lives. Again, the design narrative was reinforced by the coral-look graphic on the area rug.


Does it work in Iowa? In Des Moines? Sure. You see Under the Sea – as a design trend – is about colors. It’s about graphic design. It’s about texture and fabric. It’s about how you feel in your room and your home. It’s all of those element that you pull together into your room. Under The Sea might be the perfect idea for you when you dream of creating your perfect room.

by Bonita Clark