Color Story: Toast and Tea

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TOAST & TEA renews the beige era of interior design in a whole new way

The Back Story

Carolyn Hipple (Norwalk’s president) and Dixon Bartlett have collaborated for years to observe and identify design and color trends in the furniture and interior design world. They travel the U.S. and the world observing, sifting, noting and soaking up inspiration. The result is a group of color trends that are used to select the fabrics to be added to BY DESIGN’S fabric wall.


As the furniture industry and consumers look for the next new base color direction away from grey, we see a range of soft browns becoming increasingly important. These warm neutral colors range from a rich espresso, to a mid-toned nutmeg, and as light as cafe au lait. Beautifully mixing with many shades of tinted ream, and easy to accent with deeper blues and mustards, these brown shades offer a “toastier” and cozy alternative to the still popular grey foundation colors.

Is TOAST & TEA specific to a design style?

Color stories are independent of Design Styles and can be used with any of them. HOWEVER… some combinations do seem like a match made in heaven. For example:

  • Modern Casual. Comfortable and casual is the name of the game with this color story. The tones are warm and cozy and fit well into the modern casual aesthetic.
  • Simple Chic. Neutral colors feel at home in simple chic. Mid-century modern design is often simple and aloof when it comes to color.
  • Modern Luxury. This is where the richer hues come in to play. Espresso and caramel in large scale with brass finishes mixed in.

Come into the store and see this beautiful collection of fabrics!

toast and tea color trend


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