Color Story: TIDEWATER

TIDEWATER Continues the Impact of Blue in Interior Design:

The Back Story

Carolyn Hipple (Norwalk’s president) and Dixon Bartlett have collaborated for years to observe and identify design and color trends in the furniture and interior design world. They travel the U.S. and the world observing, sifting, noting and soaking up inspiration. The result is a group of color trends that are used to select the fabrics to be added to BY DESIGN’S fabric wall.


Tidewater is a very soft blue teal with just a hint of green undertone, that is an instant room refresher, no matter what the room’s core style. This silver-based blue instills a laid-back vibe to any decor, and is equally at home in modern and traditional room setting. Pairing equally nicely with chocolate browns or silvery greys, this versatile color can be a perfect foil for deep granite or charcoal also. Give it a try in rooms where mood is important, and tranquility is an objective.

Is TIDEWATER specific to a design style?

Color stories are independent of Design Styles and can be used with any of them. HOWEVER… some combinations do seem like a match made in heaven. For example:

  • Simple Chic. Tidewater is really at home here. Tranquil colors and great finishes. Your selections can lean either to the grays or browns.
  • New Classics. Similar to Simple Chic, New Classics works extremely well. This color story is the very definition of a classically beautiful look. Serene and sophisticated.
  • Euro Contemporary. A bit of a surprise, but this is a great combination. It is the very freshness of the color story that combines with the contemporary design elements of Euro Contemporary that will make these rooms work.

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