Color Story: Bohemian Rhapsody

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY increases the influence of Maximalism in interior design

The Back Story

Carolyn Hipple (Norwalk’s president) and Dixon Bartlett have collaborated for years to observe and identify design and color trends in the furniture and interior design world. They travel the U.S. and the world observing, sifting, noting and soaking up inspiration. The result is a group of color trends that are used to select the fabrics to be added to BY DESIGN’S fabric wall.


With all due respect to Freddy Mercury, and his recently refreshed interest, this color story will be the queen of any energetic decor. Colorful, exuberant, and maximalist in its approach we see an increasingly frequent use of this trend. Royal shades and rich jewel tones mixed with lively patterns and tactile fabrics to bring an old-world design approach to a new group of adventuresome consumers.

Is BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY specific to a design style?

Color stories are independent of Design Styles and can be used with any of them. HOWEVER… some combinations do seem like a match made in heaven. For example:

  • Eclectic Collector. Bohemian Rhapsody lends itself best to this design style. Eclectic and Maximalism play well together. Fabrics and finishes don’t need to be identical. It’s okay if nothing matches, because they all blend together in their uniqueness.
  • A Bit of Glam. Here’s where this color story can really shine. Literally. Crystal chandeliers, mirrored table tops, velvety fabrics, gold accessories. It feels a little more formal than other styles.
  • Modern Casual. This may be the style where you can present this color story in a more muted tone. Relaxed leathers, down filled upholstery, jewel tone fabrics, warm wood stains, Baroque patterns. It’s a beautiful blend of comfort and style.

Come into the store and see this beautiful collection of fabrics!


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