Color forecast for 2011 from Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has issued their color forecast for 2011.  Like other major paint companies they engage some real experts to attempt to understand the directions that interior design is heading in.  In this post there is a particularly insightful point made:

“Trendy has never been more passé as self-expression now spins the color wheel.”

And this is really good news for you!  No top-down trends here, no implicit judgement.  Just your own self-expression.  Cool.  Here is a synopsis of their forecast:
Purely Refined – An elegant, tailored, understated look and palette.  It uses restrained neutrals, soft colorsand organic textures.
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Restless Nomad – Very sultry, exotic and primal, it looks to Turkey and  Persia for its inspiration.  The colors are dusky darks, hot vibrant pinks & reds, eggplants and cabbage.
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Bold Invention – Definitely for the experimental, artsy and expressive among us.  Very urban.  It uses high energy colors with references to both graffiti and Technology.

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Gentle Medley

– This palette offers a “fresh, airy and innocent” palette.  It speaks of spring, optimism and new beginnings. 

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Read the whole article at Sherwin-Williams.