Coastal Living Collection

Live Every Day Like You’re On Vacation.

Words to live by.  You should make a note.  We all should.

Balanced effortlessly between the breezy simplicity of shore life and the understated elegance of a five-star hotel, Coastal Living® Resort brings contemporary sophistication to the coast.


by Design’s Retreat Room is all about Sun and Shore, vacation living and bringing the places you love most in life into your home.  We use the Coastal Living collection frequently because of the wonderful mix of design elements and the incredible finishes.  You need to get the finishes right for this look.  Here is a great example:

coastal-living-resort-finishesLight, airy and definitely sunny.  This is a look that lasts and lasts. Even those with the shortest attention spans can live with this look for years.


And more, the look translates well in any room in your home: dining, bedroom, living.  You can do it coastal.