Contemporary Room Inspired by Art

Building on the clients art collection for inspiration, Channing creates a contemporary look with a twist.  This home is a work in progress!

Lynn and Dave knew they wanted to base the design of their living room on the colors of an abstract floral custom-painted for them by a local artist.  What a great way to inspire a room and focus the design!  Chief among their concerns was the extremely tall ceiling.  While dramatic, the height tended to dwarf the furniture.

Channing wanted to give them a new and different room, but also knew that working with their very open space and somewhat awkwardly placed pillars would be a challenge.  Lynn and Dave use the room for entertaining — there is no TV in the room.  It is also the first room visitors see upon entering the home, so it sets the stage for the whole home.

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To address their height concerns they selected tall exaggerated-back chairs and continue to look for a few more over-sized pieces to bring the furnishings scale up.  Fabric color selections, chosen to get along with the existing draperies, were warmer than the past and added immediate comfort to the room.

The sofa was positioned a bit away from the center-line of the windows to take advantage of natural light and to attract the eye horizontally rather than vertically.

Channing says that the thing that she loves the most about this project was how well all of the fabrics ended up working together.  “Lynn loves fabrics and we worked hard and tried dozens of combinations.  We took a bit of a risk with the two-tone fabric on the chairs, and they worked wonderfully.”

A good collaboration between designer and client can produce a bit of magic.