Bonita Clark


This interior design fall color trend is perfect! Terracotta & Spice. It looks, sounds and feels warm and cozy. And Fall is the time we think about making our homes a bit more cozy. To demonstrate, here are a few ideas for introducing Terracotta and Spice into your home: Wall art is a simple but [...]

organic modern home style

Planning Ahead Paid BIG Dividends For This Couple How exciting to see this great organic-modern style home emerge from the hopes, dreams and ideas of a wonderful couple. We had the opportunity to start our process in the first days of the project. They came in early and just visited with us. This gave all [...]


  Incredible comfort.   Great style.   Incredible comfort. Unsurpassed quality. Wait… did we mention incredible comfort? It is worth risking redundancy to talk about the comfort of the Kaden. We’ve loved the Kaden in every color of leather (and occasionally fabric) that we’ve tried it in. Every. Single. One. We’ve done deep red. We’ve done [...]


Creativity Comes From Inspiration We thought we’d share this blog post from the Apartment Therapy blog. Though you won’t like all of these rooms (maybe any!), there are some interesting things going on here. I think what they all have in common is that they’ve managed to take their rooms our of the ordinary by [...]


American Leather Furniture Shows How Customer Service Is Done I just got back from High Point, N. Carolina. It is the major furniture show in the US (and the largest in the world). Laura and I always go, and this year Drea came with us. It is always so fun to order and see what is [...]


Was it worth it for me to drive 20 hours in 3 days to go to market in Norwalk, Ohio? A resounding yes! I left on Tuesday, spent the day at the factory on Wednesday and then drove back to Des Moines on Thursday. One of our designers traveled with me. I thought it would [...]

Have any of you ever called our store and listened to the message from me? It is the same message that has been on our phone for 5 years.  I can’t tell you how many people have commented positively about the message.  Still, I keep wondering if I should change it.  Then I  listen to [...]

3 ways to save money

Don’t sacrifice your dream room. Can I afford to go to by Design and let interior designers help me with my room? Absolutely, you can!  I always am horrified that people think we are over-priced and snobby because we are all designers here.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  All of the designers here [...]


Summer is here!  Finally!  Summer is a great time to freshen up our homes and lives.  It is a good time to think about how you want your life to be and how you want your home to look.  This is important stuff and is deserving of some thought.  Here are a few questions to [...]


There is a perfect area rug size… but it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Do you want to: Add a pop of color or focal point? Bring the furniture & accents together? Define a space? Finish a room? Soften a traffic pattern? I’m not trying to waffle here.  You need to think [...]


Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that another year has flown by.  As I look around my place, I am ready for a new look.  After working so hard on all the Christmas decorations, the house looks bare when we take it all down!  Do you feel the same?  How about some new [...]

Welcome to Cork bonita sign

I just got back from Ireland.  It was an amazing experience!  I loved the people and the country.  My mother’s family was from Ireland and our daughter is marrying a boy from County Cork.  I went to a well-known furniture store there and it was fascinating!  We have many of the same lines, though there [...]

Alesandro Sofa

Okay, if you’ve been around by Design for the last couple of years, you know that black never left. It has been one of our staples and we only love it more. But, black is getting new love from the trend spotters. Here is how Norwalk Furniture described the trend at Fall High Point Market: [...]


Great Floor Sample Clearance Prices at by Design We just got back from the big High Point Market and we’re making big changes on our floor.  There are so many exciting new things to show you, that we have to mark-down some really cool things on our floor. For example: this white leather Inspirations sofa. [...]


Always Hire A Professional. Years ago Kevin and Joel decided to spray-texture a ceiling themselves. Rent the equipment — mix up the gunk — spray it on.  How tough can this be?  Predictably, the results were mixed.  The ceiling certainly got textured… but so did the floor, the walls and Kevin and Joel.  What.  A. [...]

7291 Tribeca 3-piece sectional

Design on a Dime? Almost. Though a big budget is always great, a smaller budget shouldn’t stop you from creating your perfect room.  At by Design, great design comes in a wide range of prices.  Heck, I would even say inexpensive. We don’t use sleazy, bargain furniture in our design.  You know the type: It [...]


Discovering Your Personal Sense of Style. I do love mixing the old with the new.  That’s why we love to sketch with our clients and find out what they would like to keep!  If it is something special and you love it—keep it! It adds character and texture to the room! It tells your personal [...]


I  LOVE TO NEST!!!  I always have.  When Kevin and I were first married and I was at home a little more with kids.  Kevin would joke that he never knew where the furniture was going to be when he came home from work at night.  He would bump his shin on a chair or [...]