Our thoughts on the trade-offs of choosing leather furniture You love leather furniture:  leather sofas, leather sectionals and chairs, leather recliners.  Heck, you love leather ottomans!  And you’re right to love them.  Leather is a superb choice for your furniture in Des Moines and Iowa.  Here are the issues and our take on them: Cost [...]

Milford group

The Milford sofa group is showcasing the hugely popular Organic Modern design style.

1 – Consider a Writing Desk Offer you a great working surface while blending stylishly into your room design. Don’t underestimate the practical functionality you gain by adding a writing desk to your room. Kelby Writing Desk. Unique linear carving meets fresh dimension with an artisan slant. Mango wood casing is finished in a vintage [...]

Green. Its fresh. Its clean. Its organic. Heck – Its Spring! Yet many people are reluctant to use green in their interior design. We thought we’d do a quick post to whet your appetite for green. And maybe, inspire a few more of our wonderful clients to consider green. Our fabric wall has many new [...]


Outdoor furniture is looking less and less like… “outdoor”. The reason is simple. Our outdoor spaces are becoming more important to us. And we want the same level of sophistication there as inside the house. Of course there are implications. How about Iowa weather, sun fade, dirt, cleaning codes and all of the other things [...]


INTRODUCING… We’re excited to show you the new collection of sofas and sectionals we’ve brought into our Modern Luxury room at BY DESIGN. We now have the Carmet sectional on our floor. And this single sectional represents a myriad of design possibilities for you. Because each style has three sofa configurations, a loveseat, two chair [...]


A completely new concept in furniture BY DESIGN’S new Comfort Innovations room is dedicated to innovative, functional – and beautiful – furniture. The newest products in that room are the Comfort Air chairs. Comfort Air is a complete re-envisioning of what a chair is and how it should do its job. It all began with [...]


clean . pure . innocent . simple . clear . sophisticated . pristine You should consider designing your room with whites — even in the winter. Summer is an easy match with whites, of course. But why would we recommend them in the winter in Iowa? Because they’re beautiful. We’re not going to drone on [...]

I’m currently in the process of redesigning our living room and thought I’d share my ideas with you…I’d love any feedback you have to give! The look I’m going for is Modern Casual…(learn more about modern casual design here) with a touch of glam. We’re adding new wood floors to the room along with a [...]