The Euro-Contemporary Design Style is a blend of Italian and Scandinavian impulses. It’s a balance between the starker, more minimalistic Scandinavian and the richer, more decorative Italian. Magic happens when you find the point on the spectrum – neither too stark nor too fussy – that is just right for you and your home. These [...]

Perhaps you love interior design that is a bit more decorative. Maybe you appreciate rooms that nod to beautiful designs of the past, but that use the best of today. FEAR NOT! Every room and every home need not be contemporary! The New Classics Design Style may be for you. Take a look: Here is [...]

The Modern Luxury Design Style is the unabashed embrace of luxury living in today’s contemporary style. It uses elegant fabrics and beautiful finishes. The scale and lines of upholstery pieces reinforce this feeling of elegance. Comfort is never sacrificed. Worn finishes may be used, but when they are, they still denote beauty and luxury – [...]


If you like beautifully styled modern sofas, sectionals and chairs, you’ll love EASE. First let’s talk style. Here are a few examples of the EASE collections great styles. (We’d love to show you more!) Here is the Tess sofa. Flowing lines are emphasized by tight back and bench seat. Sculpted flair arms and steel legs [...]

New Bedroom Introductions Here are some great Four Hands products in bedroom designs. Four Hands excels at the Modern Casual or Organic Modern design style so popular today. We love these looks! https://youtu.be/d8BuTas-AA4 Featured here: Dalton Headboard is coolly modern, featuring natural top-grain leather paneling features whipstitch detailing for a touch of texture, wrapping gunmetal-finished [...]

Vast choices await you Our great designers love ottomans more than most people. Why not? Ottomans are both beautiful and functional. They can act as either the star (focal point) of the room or as a supporting actor. They can add color, texture, sparkle and drama. What is not to like? Here’s the thing. There [...]

Sulley Sleeper - American Leather

A Sleeper that REALLY Doesn’t Look like a Sleeper One of the reasons we love the Comfort Sleepers is that they are wonderfully designed additions to your home. Each design is something we are proud to put in our clients room. However, if you’d like a sleeper that will startle most visitors when you casually [...]

Our thoughts on the trade-offs of choosing leather furniture You love leather furniture:  leather sofas, leather sectionals and chairs, leather recliners.  Heck, you love leather ottomans!  And you’re right to love them.  Leather is a superb choice for your furniture in Des Moines and Iowa.  Here are the issues and our take on them: Cost [...]

Milford group

The Milford sofa group is showcasing the hugely popular Organic Modern design style.