Interior Design Trends

From 2021 High Point Market New furniture finish trends. You have questions: Are today’s wood finishes staying gray? Are they going to dark finishes. Are light finishes the hot new trend? YES. YES. And YES. And that is great news. There is no one dominant wood finish trend. There are several powerful (and beautiful) new [...]


The Industrial interior design style was recently name the favorite design style in Iowa. See some examples of what we love about this look.

curved sofa

Curved sofas and sectionals add statement, drama and can be surprisingly functional. And that round organic form is so beautiful!

The New Classics interior design style is a blend of traditional design elements with very up-to-date fabrics and forms. A great look.


This warm, spicy 2021 interior design color trend is great for any season. You’ll love it every time you come into your room.


This idea makes the gray color trend work perfectly in every room. Your room will feel fresh, bright and natural. And on-trend!


Upgrade your life and work with a well-designed home office area Thinking of upgrading the work/office area of your home? You may have a separate office. Or you may work out of your bedroom. In either case, giving that space a bit of thought will pay big dividends. Here is a selection of new home [...]

Trend Predictions

The new year means a buzz of 2021 interior design trend predictions on what will be the most important styles and colors in the world of furniture and home décor. Here’s a snapshot of some the more prominent forecasts we are watching. Let’s start at the basics: color! Pantone surprised us this year by having [...]

Bookshelf Room Divider

Consider one for your home? We’ve noticed a real uptick of interest in bookshelves and room dividers. Many of our recent projects have had a dual focus of making the home more beautiful while adding functionality. Bookshelves and room dividers are perfect tools for both of these goals. Some clients are adding something of a [...]

In case you hadn’t encountered the term: “Hygge [hoog-uh] (especially in reference to the Danish lifestyle) the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, enjoying food, etc.” It is simple. Hygge is comfort. Hygge is coziness. So what does that have to do with [...]

Combining the best of Scandinavian, Italian and other great European design styles in an interior design style perfect for today’s homes.

The Modern Luxury Design Style is the unabashed embrace of luxury living in today’s contemporary style. It uses elegant fabrics and beautiful finishes. The scale and lines of upholstery pieces reinforce this feeling of elegance. Comfort is never sacrificed. Worn finishes may be used, but when they are, they still denote beauty and luxury – [...]

The Light Wood Finish Trend We’re not saying light finishes are supplanting dark ones. They are not. Rather we’re seeing a rising light wood finish trend across furniture and interior design categories in the Casual Styles. What do you call this? It depends. We’re seeing descriptions of “light oak”, “bleached walnut”, “bleached & spalted oak” [...]

Just a few of the great new products and designs that have caught our designer’s eyes.

A Killer Statement Piece A killer statement piece draws your eye and speaks directly to your emotions. It may or may not be the focal point of the room – but it ususally is. Something about the lines, or the texture, or the finish shouts out when you look at the room. A killer statement [...]

The Caramel color story is such a good one, that we thought we’d feature it again and show you even more inspiration pics. You really can’t go wrong with this design idea. And, as illustrated below, you can really go right! This room features gray, white and black tones and textures. Then it uses a [...]

Modern Eclectic blends a range of inspiration from retro to modern, bold colors and pattern pops. This is a curated look with depth and contrast, while architectural accents and a design-minded perspective make a major style statement. This is a more tailored (though still casual) and more colorful cousin to our Organic Modern design style. [...]

Minimal. Natural. Earthy. We think you’ll love this new take on Modern Casual interior design.