Interior Design Trends

Have you considered a rug for your space? If you haven’t already, well then, do I have something for you! When adding a rug to your space, you gift yourself a great opportunity to customize your look! By simply placing a rug in your room, you will tie together all of your furniture pieces and [...]

Comfort. Designing a space that rides the line of Organic Modern style fully encompasses the word “comfort.” Organic Modern style is dependent on texture and shape. It generally pieces together a blend of the Scandinavian, rustic, and mid-century modern designs that we all adore! I was inspired by the Harrison Sofa and a wonderful Feizy [...]

2022 High Point market has concluded and here are four quick observations for 2022 interior design trends. Here are four Spring 2022 Looks We Love: 1. Color Story: Terracotta with… everything! Market is often a riot of colors, this year is no exception. But, we want to highlight this color story. It is a very [...]

ORGANIC FURNITURE DESIGNS The Organic Furniture Design Trend uses shapes, materials, finishes and colors drawn from nature. The following room images think illustrate the choices you might make – and the results you might expect. Does this feel like your personal style? Might some elements of this look be right for you? Lyla sofa and [...]

The Modern Luxury Interior Design Style is the unabashed embrace of luxury living in today’s contemporary style. It uses elegant fabrics and beautiful finishes. Large scale and simple lines reinforce this feeling of elegance. Comfort is never sacrificed. Worn finishes may be used, but when they are, they still denote beauty and luxury – not [...]

Pantone, paint companies and many designers have flooded us with 2022 Color of the Year predictions. However — over half of the Color of the Year selections for 2022 are green! You may or may not consider yourself a green person. But we’d like to show you what all the buzz is about. Maybe you’ll [...]


Should you consider interior design color drenching for your project? Maybe. The central idea here is to use one color – one hue – and to drench your space in tonal variations of it. Oftentimes walls, drapes, windows, trim and furniture all live in this color family. AUDACIOUS? Certainly. But consider. You do much of [...]

white is the perfect neutral

We want to make the case for using white colors as a neutral in your interior design. Neutral colors are foundational to today’s interior design. Several factors account for the wide use of a neutral base for a room. Neutrals provide a “canvas of color” – a base – that gives you the freedom to [...]

There is a powerful, new aesthetic moving into interior design and furniture design. This post shows the New Naturals Design Trend impact in the Dining Room. It is expressed in many ways: materials, profiles, colors, fabrics and more. The common thread – the essential idea – is “warm, organic and natural”. This look is elegant [...]


This interior design fall color trend is perfect! Terracotta & Spice. It looks, sounds and feels warm and cozy. And Fall is the time we think about making our homes a bit more cozy. To demonstrate, here are a few ideas for introducing Terracotta and Spice into your home: Wall art is a simple but [...]

From 2021 High Point Market New furniture finish trends. You have questions: Are today’s wood finishes staying gray? Are they going to dark finishes. Are light finishes the hot new trend? YES. YES. And YES. And that is great news. There is no one dominant wood finish trend. There are several powerful (and beautiful) new [...]


The Industrial interior design style was recently name the favorite design style in Iowa. See some examples of what we love about this look.

curved sofa

Curved sofas and sectionals add statement, drama and can be surprisingly functional. And that round organic form is so beautiful!

The New Classics interior design style is a blend of traditional design elements with very up-to-date fabrics and forms. A great look.


This warm, spicy 2021 interior design color trend is great for any season. You’ll love it every time you come into your room.


This idea makes the gray color trend work perfectly in every room. Your room will feel fresh, bright and natural. And on-trend!


Upgrade your life and work with a well-designed home office area Thinking of upgrading the work/office area of your home? You may have a separate office. Or you may work out of your bedroom. In either case, giving that space a bit of thought will pay big dividends. Here is a selection of new home [...]

Trend Predictions

The new year means a buzz of 2021 interior design trend predictions on what will be the most important styles and colors in the world of furniture and home décor. Here’s a snapshot of some the more prominent forecasts we are watching. Let’s start at the basics: color! Pantone surprised us this year by having [...]

Bookshelf Room Divider

Consider one for your home? We’ve noticed a real uptick of interest in bookshelves and room dividers. Many of our recent projects have had a dual focus of making the home more beautiful while adding functionality. Bookshelves and room dividers are perfect tools for both of these goals. Some clients are adding something of a [...]