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Organic modern is a wonderful combination of natural materials and style that has become one of our most popular interior design styles.

The Modern Luxury Interior Design Style is the unabashed embrace of luxury living in today’s contemporary style. It uses elegant fabrics and beautiful finishes. Large scale and simple lines reinforce this feeling of elegance. Comfort is never sacrificed. Worn finishes may be used, but when they are, they still denote beauty and luxury – not [...]

Modern Eclectic Interior Design Style. Often called transitional, it’s every look from Mid-Century Modern to Urban Hip. Think contemporary but soft. It is a beautiful blend that works well in many homes and weathers the time test for year. Here is a gallery of some products that work well with the Modern Eclectic design style. [...]

The design cues and forms that we’ve loved in traditional design have combined with a modern sensibility. New Classics interior design style has emerged from this evolution. This style brings a wonderful array of detail and a sense of warmth. New Classics is traditional, yet so modern in how it lives in our homes. Fabrics [...]

The New Classics interior design style is a blend of traditional design elements with very up-to-date fabrics and forms. A great look.

A gallery of great new products perfect for your “Organic Modern” interior design style rooms. Stylish, trend-forward and comfortable.

Products are the furniture and accent pieces we use to make your home functional and beautiful. What is more, great products are the tools we use to express your design style. So if the Modern Luxury interior design style is the perfect look to build your design with… here are some great products to consider: [...]

One of the most important things we offer you is our selection of vendors. They are quite literally our partners. Norwalk Furniture Norwalk Furniture has been our lead custom upholstery supplier since the beginning. They allow us to offer our clients hundreds of pieces of well designed, hand-built furniture in thousands of leathers and fabrics. [...]

I’m currently in the process of redesigning our living room and thought I’d share my ideas with you…I’d love any feedback you have to give! The look I’m going for is Organic Modern…(learn more about organic modern design here) with a touch of glam. We’re adding new wood floors to the room along with a [...]


Custom furniture – created specifically for you and your unique design story – are one of the core elements we use at by Design. There is a wide array of custom products available to use in your living room interior design. Below are just a few of the programs to whet your appetite… 1 – Custom in [...]