Comfort Sleeper

The Comfort Sleeper® is the best sleeper sofa available, featuring a patented sleep system with no bars and no springs. With 14 great styles, 7 sizes, from cot to king, a full-length mattress, Crypton® protection, and an exclusive partnership with Tempur-Pedic®, it has everything you’ve come to know and love and more. Learn more about The Comfort Sleeper
Noah-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Noah Comfort Sleeper

Makayla-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Makayla Comfort Sleeper

Hannah-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Hannah Comfort Sleeper

Hailey-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Hailey Comfort Sleeper

Gwen-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Gwen Comfort Sleeper

Gina-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Gina Comfort Sleeper

Brynlee-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Brynlee Comfort Sleeper

Brecklin-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Brecklin Comfort Sleeper

Ashton-Open-Comfort-Sleeper|by Design Des Moines

Ashton Comfort Sleeper

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