Candice proves elegant interiors (and furniture) can be kid friendly as well.

Sylvia’s Living Room

Sylvia is a lawyer who exudes confidence and order.  But when the front door to her home opens, you see the clutter created by her carefree two year old daughter Chloe all over the living room and not much else.  Sylvia loves to entertain friends at home because being a single mom makes it difficult to go out but there’s nowhere for friends to sit and get comfortable.  She needed an elegant, sophisticated space that was also kid‐friendly.

For this multi-tasking Living Room, Candice chose furnishings with elegant lines upholstered in durable fabrics.  She started with the Tina Sofa in a Tiffany blue fabric to set the tone.  Two Jean Chairs in chocolate brown patterned fabric face the sofa and also provide movable seating.  In lieu of a coffee table, Candice introduced a Sasha Ottoman that has no sharp edges for Chloe to hurt herself on and upholstered it in aged leather that can handle some serious wear and tear.

  • Tina 800-70 sofa in fabric 621237
  • Jean 801-30 chairs in fabric 083819
  • Sasha 789-10 ottoman in leather 926663

Episode 1502

HGTV Airdate:  November 2, 2009 5pm e/p

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Although by Design no longer carries Candice Olson designs, if you love the look, the colors, and the fabrics, by Design can do that for you. 


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