Candice Olson’s new Hemingway sofa

Candice Olson’s Hemingway sofa is a very handsome piece.  However, we think you’ll agree that that first photo just doesn’t do it justice.  The slight wingback effect on the tall back filled out with luxurious lumbar cushions — the nailhead trim.  All on a deep comfortable frame.

The style itself will support a number of looks, and to prove it, here it is in an elegant room.  It is the identical sofa, but its been dressed up with extra pillows in a faux leather look and a wonderful ottoman with a slightly more formal fabric pattern (also from Candice Olson).

This is a classic Candice look marrying livable style with a little glitz and glitter.  She creates a room with a wonderful private feel and public feel as well.






Although by Design no longer carries Candice Olson designs, if you love the look, the colors, and the fabrics, by Design can do that for you. 


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