Candice loves black and white too

We’ve shown some of our most dramatic products in our black and white room.  The natural drama and elegance that a black and white palette gives a room is amazing.  Black and white rooms can range from the casual class of a black t-shirt to the formal class of a tuxedo (or little black cocktail dress).

candiceolsonpbrandonbarre1Candice Olson has used black and white to stunning effect on more than one occasion.  For example, in this living room she used a tufted camel back sofa with plush traditional lines.  Contemporary black and white fabrics on the pillows and the deep charcoal wall are then stunningly offset with copper wall art reflected in copper colored accent pillows.  The copper accent is a stunning choice from a master designer.

candiceolsonPivot away from the sofa and look in the opposite direction and you see more of the dramatic black walls, black patterned fabric and zebra patterned rugs.

Black and white.  Its always sophisticated.  It might be the perfect choice for you!

Although by Design no longer carries Candice Olson designs, if you love the look, the colors, and the fabrics, by Design can do that for you. 


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