Buoyant: Sherwin-Williams 2015 Color Trend

Sherwin-Willilams has released four updated interior design color trends looking to 2015.  We’ll feature each of the five in a post.

Buoyant is a color trend that says loudly: COLOR IS BACK!

When we go through tough economic times, interior design colors tend to become more muted, more safe.  Then, when the good times return, colors come roaring back.  And it’s such a relief.  Sherwin-Williams Buoyant trend speaks to this phenomenon.

Although Buoyant derives its colors from a natural palette, it adds in some of the more vibrant colors as accents.  Think of the colors of the tropics or of the rain forests.  This is a self-confident palette that is all about having fun.


Why it matters to you.

Buoyant may be the palette for you if you want to embrace today’s soft neutrals and wonderful pastels, but want some pizazz too.  Add in that splash of vibrant color that brings your sense of fun and life to your room.

You’ll see in Buoyant, a number of wonderful, vibrant neutrals to anchor your design.  Then there are the subtle, glowing colors that will work so well as accents.  Your first reaction to this palette is that it is pastels.  But, look further… how about Wood Violet, or Paradise, or Cape Verde or Roycroft Bottle Green?  These are deeper hues that will work with the lighter ones to ad vitality and depth to your interior design.

by Bonita Clark