Brynlee Comfort Sleeper

You don’t have to sacrifice style for function

 We love the Comfort Sleeper Collection at by Design.  They are so well engineered, so comfortable as seating and so wonderful for sleeping that they have totally changed the way we view sleepers.

We would like to show you a wonderful example of this, our new Brynlee sleeper. The top image is the sleeper on our floor. It’s shown in a wonderful, upscale neutral fabric and chrome legs.  And is it amazing!  People are shocked to find out that there is a full-length foam closed-cell foam mattress in there.

And that is really important.  People should take a look at your room and say “Oh.  A sleeper.  How practical.”  And they won’t with this beautiful design.

Brynlee room shot 500Brynlee_comfort_sleeper