Boring is Out!

There is a place for neutral. Simplicity is good. Classics are classic for a reason. BUT, none of those things mean your room should be boring.

Back to Black

Some designers consider black a neutral. Maybe. But well-used black pieces in a room are dramatic. NOT BORING.

“Whether sleek metal or lush leather, art accent or textural rug, the color black has a unique way of mixing with an array of finishes to craft a classic look that’s always on trend.”

CASH-9806-405 dining chair

Wexler Leather & Steel Dining Chair

CASH-9806-405_ROM_1 Dining Table and Dining Chairs

CABT-11348-026_PRM_1 Chair s

Bauer Leather Chair in Chaps Ebony

CABT-11348-026_ROM_1 living_room_sofa_chairs s

IWIL-228 Area Rug

Offset Black Stripe Cotton Rug

IWIL-227_ROM_1 Sectional Chair Rug s

CIRD-120-189 Lars Leather Chair

Lars Leather Chair

ULOF-710 black Horse print


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