Blue Is Big in Home Interiors

Blue colors figure strongly in many 2015 interior design color trends.

Turquoise… vibrant blue greens… electric blues… rich navy.  Every shade of blue seems to be favored by different interior designers for 2015.  Here is a picture we took at the recent High Point Furniture Market of a blue home accessory display in Global View’s space.  Notice how great the various hues work together.


Here is some drama.  Most of the room is a neutral-white palette.  Then, in the midst of that calm space, a beautiful blue leather sofa (from American Leather) takes center stage.  What a focal point.  The blue shades from the artwork seem to flow right down to the sofa.  This room will retain it’s beauty and drama for ages without seeming dated.


I’ve never met a blue I didn’t like.

We’ve heard that.  Heck, we may have said it.  And, it makes so much sense.  All of the shades of blue communicate so many different messages and feelings to us.  And that is what makes blue an indispensable tool for interior design.  How about this wonderful dining room featuring blue upholstered dining chairs?


You’ll see several new groups featuring shades of blue on by Design’s floor in Des Moines in the coming months.  Come in any time and take a peek.