by Design Modern Casual Room

We refer to it as our Modern Casual room. It’s by Design’s homage to and our execution of one of the most important style trends in interior design. The roots of this style seem to run to Belgian Modern interior design. Materials are the most important element in this look. The emphasis is on the natural: warm-toned woods are used on furniture furniture, walls and even ceilings. Stone floors and natural plaster show best in a pale natural light. All of these materials will have a patina of natural age.

The furniture and accessory designs play strongly on updated classical elements: tufted fabrics and leathers, fluted columns, pediments and decoration all evoke a feeling of aristocratic – but comfortable – living. Large scale and the feeling of elegant living it provides are important. Using the look in smaller spaces requires clever use and a bit of sleight-of-hand… but it’s worth it. Click any image to enlarge then page through: [nggallery id=126]

Neutral-colored linen and worn leather are the fabric choices that work well with this look. This is further evidence of the Belgian roots. Linen’s sense of refinement is a great textural contrast to the slipcover look that is so popular in these rooms.

Industrial design & materials work really well in these Rustic Chic rooms. Metals, glass and even mechanical elements – again combined with the patina of age – weave a sense of modern drama into the restful palate.

Rich, warm, lived-in, comfortable. Classic elements with a simple, updated feeling. No wonder we love it.

Bonita Clark

About the author: I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Elementary Education. I taught for four years (and loved it!) before entering our business, WoodStock Ltd. Unfinished Furniture, full time. Since then we have created several new furniture stores. I love working with our customers and our designers. We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many great people in business! To me, both business and life are all about relationships.