Laura Beeler

I first met Cynthia to help her pick out a new light fixture for her Great Room. With her interesting ceiling design, it could not be just an ordinary chandelier. That wood framing detail calls for attention and demands something special. Once we connected on the perfect light, the rest of the room was truly [...]

The question is: How do we do modern interior design in a traditional home? Here is one answer. This beautiful, historic home is nestled off the square in a small town outside of Des Moines. It is amazing. We wanted to breathe new life into this living room while adding a modern twist. We stuck with [...]

organic modern home style

Planning Ahead Paid BIG Dividends For This Couple How exciting to see this great organic-modern style home emerge from the hopes, dreams and ideas of a wonderful couple. We had the opportunity to start our process in the first days of the project. They came in early and just visited with us. This gave all [...]

Now that the kids have moved out… This is an opportunity staring you in the face! Not everyone would recognize that. My clients, Melissa and Dave did. This is a lower level space in their home. They decided that they wanted to maximize the seating and create a cozy space to watch sports or movies. An [...]


When I first met Rita, we found a shared fondness for color. You should consider using colors in your home’s interior design. Here’s why: Rita was looking to liven up her living room. As is often the case, her living room is the first room you see when you enter. And we know first impressions [...]

Old Friends – New Spaces

Old Friends

Sometimes clients are like old friends. You feel like you have known them for a long time. Rosa & Mel would certainly fall into that category. Their design style is what we refer to as New Classics. Modern lines, materials and colors with a nod to traditional. I have been working on their interior design [...]

Rapport makes the difference in creating your perfect room When I first met Linda in the store we connected right away. She had told me about a major remodel that her son had completed on her home. She wanted to make sure it was furnished beautifully to complete the look they had worked so hard [...]

Here’s a new twist on furnishing around that fireplace with the shelves on both sides. Laura’s longtime client Shelly wanted a different look to her new home. Since we have furnished several living rooms in different homes over the years, we wanted a fresh take. She knew she wanted warm whites and the ultimate in comfort. We paired a [...]


Tess came into the store to browse and fell in love with a white ceramic marble table for her dining room. Understandable – it is a stunning table. The problem was… she was not re-doing the dining room right now. But, a perfect piece changes everything. Tess’s priorities included. As we discussed her home, it [...]

Mary and I first met in 2003 when I designed her great room the first time. Although she loved that design, as years went by a new remodel of the first floor started the ball rolling on new furniture too. We went from Shabby Chic to a timeless transitional look. Before While it is still a [...]

Trust built over time

Game Room

John and Beth have been loyal clients since the Woodstock days – even though they live over an hour away! These are the kind of clients that we appreciate so much at by Design – we get to know them over the years and we can put together a special look for them based on [...]

Super modern and neutral

My client Amy was looking to solve three problems…she needed a new rug that would compliment her desk, not take away from it; shades for privacy and to keep heat out; and finally, a nice piece of art. Her style is super modern in a neutral pallet.   Her previous rug had a stripe in [...]

A Light and Bright New Look

After client photos

I was so excited to work with my client Wendy on designing her new home…I had helped her furnish her last home so we already had a design relationship established when they built this new custom home. With a new, brighter, larger layout, the old furniture looked under-scaled and heavy feeling. With the rooms being [...]

  Josh and Jaycie took on a large project of tearing down a wall and opening up their living space. They quickly realized that it created some challenges for seating arrangements. That’s when I got involved to help make it a new space they would use & LOVE!   Before Photos   After finding out [...]

Re-Vamped Dining Room

My clients wanted to “re-vamp” their dining room into a place they would enjoy and use more!