Adding Color to Warm Up a Loft Design

This design is for a couple (one is a contractor) that lives on the top floor of a loft in downtown Des Moines. They renovated the loft – and needed new bedroom furniture and living room furniture. The space features concrete floors and walls and wonderful views of the city. It certainly isn’t a view that many people would associate with Iowa living. Amazing.

The client wanted to add some color to the very neutral space. One interior design challenge: in the loft there are not many walls to paint or much opportunity to add artwork — so color needed to be added into the space some other way. We selected a very sophisticated, deep rich turquoise mohair for the sofa that added color without overwhelming the neutral space. Because of the open plan of the space, we used the Kiley sofa. The lines of the Kiley sofa compliment the low horizontal lines of the fireplace / shelving unit and the architecture of the loft. Beyond the Kiley’s good looks, it is reinforced on all sides allowing the arms to double as extra seating when entertaining.kiley_sofa_ottoman

Back by the pool table you’ll see a unique ottoman that works for a bench around the pool table, extra seating, or a great place to put up your feet and watch a movie. We also added a beautiful gray chair and a half.kiley_sofa_ottoman_des_moines_loft

For the bedroom, we took a vertical approach in contrast to the horizontal approach used in the living room. The bed is a perfect combination of Rustic vs. Chic. The 7 ft. tall headboard also becomes a piece of art and draws your attention to the tall ceilings. Much of the spacious feeling of the loft comes from this ceiling height and it makes sense to feature it. Sconces on either side of the bed add sparkle and emphasis. We chose a gray-washed wood trim and vintage looking tufted fabric then contrasted that casualness with a grand crystal chandelier. The two create a sort of design tension that resolves itself into a perfect combination of the both styles.