A smaller space challenge: Creating a livable but put-together, kid-friendly but sophisticated room.

Bright Bold color make this a fun sitting room.

Mike and Mary’s room is a fun work in progress.

  • They wanted a great put-together feeling, but didn’t want the room to feel formal.
  • They have two small children who will definitely be using the space.
  • The living room and dining room adjoin, so the design needs to flow from one to the other.
  • They owned artwork that needed to be designed into the space.
  • The existing window coverings needed to remain.
  • While not tiny, space is a real challenge: how do we make it livable?

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I began this design with the floor plan.  If we could make the spaces work together and provide the multi-functionality Mike and Mary needed, all the other design elements should fall into place.  I showed them two furniture floor plans for the space.  I was excited when they chose the more out-of-the-box arrangement of the two.  There’s nothing better than working with clients who are willing to try new things.

The existing artwork provided color inspiration for the room.  Working with art, a rug, or something else that the client loves is a great way to give focus to the colors and the design.  With the art and floor plan in hand we chose bold, kid-friendly fabrics. We re-upholstered two existing chairs to great affect.  We also updated some family heirloom dining room chairs by selecting a complementing fabric for them.  We used two love seats to encourage conversation.  Colorful rugs brought all of the colors together, defined the spaces and unified the rooms.

We moved re-upholstered chair in front of the windows to frame and emphasize the view.  Although the existing window treatments needed to remain at present, the clients want to upgrade them in another phase.  This meant that we had to make all of our choices blend with the older coverings.  However, it gives us the opportunity to really make another impact when we do replace them.

Two of my favorite things about this room

I love the unexpected fabric on the traditional chairs.  They add a great wow factor.  I also love the fun, primary colors that still look so sophisticated and tailored.  As usual, fun clients make for a fun project!