A Design Inspired by a Drama

Phyllis and Jack came into our store, and I was lucky enough to get to work with them.

At some point our conversation turned to the Downton Abbey series on television.  They had enjoyed the shows, and were intrigued by the Ralph Lauren sponsorship videos.  Lauren was using design to illustrate a lifestyle.  We used that elegance and lifestyle to guide our design decisions.

Their room’s classic woodwork contrasts well with dark hardwood floors.  We selected the rich red Ellis leather chair, the comfy Reed chair and an Estate loveseat. Floor lamps, table lamps and throw pillows add sparkle and color.

Phyllis loves lambs, so I was so excited when I found this painting for her.  I didn’t tell here what the painting was, but said that I had found a piece of wall art that was perfect for her space… and that she would love it.  I’m sure that made her nervous!  We went through many accessories at the presentation, but I waited till the end to show her the picture.   When I brought the lamb out,  her face was priceless.  It reminded me why I do what I do.

They took the lamb home and it took weeks before they named it.  But finally it became Winzer!  I was sad to be done with this project, because I had so much enjoyed seeing and talking with Phyllis and Jack.

At the end she said something I will never forget, “I am sure all of the other designers at by Design are great — but I am so glad that we got you!”estate_loveseat_lamb_art