A Bit of Glamour Design Style

This style is a confident combination of rich fabrics and finishes applied to classic and timeless pieces.

But it’s also a bit of wow….a bit of pizzazz…a bit of glamour. People who love this style love the finer things in life, especially in their home.

A bit of Glamour

Dining Spaces.

A formal dining area with a wonderful chandelier and gorgeous inlaid panel case pieces is a perfect example of how A Bit of Glamour translates to the home. You can imagine having wonderful meals with sparkling conversation in a room like this.

Choose upholstered dining chairs with velvet or linen fabric with tufting or channel backs… and a huge gorgeous table with wonderful carving or other intricacies.

A bit of Glamour

Upholstery & Seating

Luxurious fabrics on bold and interesting shapes are one way to embrace this design style. Another way is to add fun and interesting details to your furniture. From tufts to channels to nailhead – glamour means adding extra details to your upholstery.

Colors are appropriate to embrace with this style -as are neutrals. The key here is not to use anything too bold or garish…glamour should be a bit fancy, but never gaudy.


Upholstered bed frames were practically created for this look…as were sleek end of the bed benches. Choose restful colors since this is your place to unwide, but be sure to keep those glamorous details such as jeweled pulls, gold accents and fur accessories.

We’d love to help you create a Bit of Glamour in your own home…stop by and visit with one of our designers today!