A 20 year plan for acquiring furniture – a good idea?

Glenna Morton has an interesting post at About.com called “A 20 Year Furniture Plan — How to accumulate furniture you love”.  She outlines three steps:

  • Decide what you want
  • Commit to a plan
  • Purchase at least one major item of quality a year
Beckett Chair & Otto 787

I agree that working on your home without some thought and a plan will likely lead to “a mish-mash of furniture and accessories that no longer work, with cheaply made items that must be discarded, and some trendy items that don’t seem to fit anywhere”.  However, I’m not convinced that her suggestions will really provide the guidance most people need to do the self-analysis, product research and design work necessary to produce a great room.  Maybe over the course of the 20 years it would all add up — but I’m skeptical.

Never the less, I think she makes many good points.  Buying great items as your budget allows will likely lead over time to great results.  Settling is almost always a mistake.