3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Interior Design

Don’t sacrifice your dream room.

Can I afford to go to by Design and let interior designers help me with my room?

Absolutely, you can!  I always am horrified that people think we are over-priced and snobby because we are all designers here.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  All of the designers here at by Design care about their clients immensely.  Plus — the best thing about us is that we love to have fun!

So here is my first law:  You should be able to create a room you love on almost any budget.

Here are three ways that might help you get there:

1.  Cut the clutter and re-purpose.  We will use existing decor in your room to help you. We don’t just try to sell you all new stuff.  If you have things that you love, we encourage you to use them.  Heck, sometimes just re-arranging a room can give you a new feel.  After you have arranged, you may decide that you don’t need as many new things as you thought you might.

Another thing that most designers agree on is to cut the clutter.  When I go in to people’s homes, they will frequently ask me what I think of some of their accessories.  It’s uncomfortable… and one of the hardest things to do… but our role is to try and be honest.  (This is one of the reasons you bring in a designer – to get a fresh perspective).  If you get rid of some of those old baskets, etc. it can really take a visual load off your room.  We all have those pieces that have been around for ever.  Don’t be afraid to re-purpose them and clear out shelves.  It feels good and is good for the soul!

2.  Re-paint.  (But remember, pick your paint and carpet last!  It’s far easier to match your paint and carpet to the rest of your decor than vice-versa).  Painting is a wonderful way to freshen up a room for a reasonable price. ,  If you do it yourself, all the better. Sweat equity is a tried and true concept.  It is a great way to save money but have a great new look.

3.  Set a budget and talk to a designer.  You give us a budget and we will do our best to stay within it. We love to sketch with our clients and find out about you and your room.  How do you live?  How do you entertain?  What are your dreams for the room?  When you work with a designer, you combine the best of both or your ideas.  Together you can create something wonderful, and a budget is just a bit of reality that we all have to deal with.

All of our furniture is made in America — so we do have very good quality.  We are very proud of that.  But, we will work very hard to get you the most for your money.  We’ve got a lot of trick up our sleeves from high-quailty but lower priced base fabrics to our by Design basics that offer especially good values.

Give us a chance.  We will listen to you because after all, it is all about you and not about us!

by Bonita Clarkinterior-designer