Interior Design Trend 2015 : Warm Metallics

Burnished gold, bronze and copper are everywhere at market.

It’s not your mother’s brass. Okay, okay… sometimes it is your mother’s brass. While most of the new warm metallic finishes are burnished, rubbed or antiqued – some are pretty brassy. But warm metals and finishes are everywhere at the 2015 High Point market.

warm_metalic_ gold_finishes

And one of the exciting points is that they are mixed in with black finishes, antique finishes and even brushed stainless finishes. It’s very liberating. The copper image above is a good example of the warmth you can add to your room with this design element. You’ll be seeing copper in every type of interior design from hand-beaten traditional to loads of it with the latest minimalist Scandinavian design.

gold lamps and accessories

And yes, brass finishes can be a bit more dressy than brushed steel. In a very relaxed room it will require a deft touch. You may want to forgo the embosses rampant lions.

gold accessories and lamp

After all, we aren’t suggesting a golden room. Just some subtle gleams and touches… Add an understated soft glow… suggest a bit of richness of lifestyle.

gold accent on furniture

On the other hand, maybe you should show a bit of leg.

Keep watching for more color and trend reports from our recent High Point International Market trip.

by Bonita Clark