Interior Design Trend for 2015 : Tartan and Tapestry

Maybe we should talk Tartan.

There has always been a clubby attraction to tartans and plaids. Warm, homey – yet Ralph Lauren sophisticated – it would be easy to underrate this look. Here is how the new Tartan & Tapestry design trend is described:

Tartans and classic plaids have never been more fashion forward. Unexpected fabric juxtapositions give a fresh take to these time-honored patterns. With it’s emphasis on scarlet, emerald, and royal blue colorways, this Highlands fling decor is especially leather friendly and evokes memories of toasty library fires, supple velvet slippers, successful hunting parties, and fantasies of Brigadoon.

Toasty library fires

There’s nothing like curling up with a good book by the fire. And that is the feeling this trend will evoke in your room. Your relaxation could be billards or crafts or a good movie rather than reading. Doesn’t matter. It’s about creating a great space for it.

Supple velvet slippers

Comfy, soft fabrics and warm throws. Comfort and richness are paramount. You can play up or play down the plaids and tartans depending on your individual design style. The important thing is the “story” that you tell yourself and others through your room design.

Successful hunting parties

Coming inside after walking, gardening or working to a warm, inviting home. The luster of rich wood and leathers and the comfort of soft fabrics. Deeply tufted sofas, chairs and sectionals. Life is simple, yet rich and rewarding.

Your home… your hearth… your special place. Your perfect room.

2015 interior design trend Tartan and Tapestry