Interior Design Trend for 2015 : Grisaille

Today’s Grey Color Schemes Go Sophisticated.

Grisaille is a borrowed art term used as a descriptive name for this emerging interior design trend. As grey color tones continue to gain popularity, they are no longer confined to only rustic trends. Every style is now executed to some extent in grey color ways. Here is how Grisaille is described:

Classical, elegant, architectural, and neutral in its coloring, Grisaille defines a monochromatic painting style whose emphasis manipulates a most typically grey palette, and often features a single complementary color.

And although the particular artwork in the above photo is wonderful, most of this trend that by Design executes in Des Moines and Central Iowa won’t feature that particular element. Rather, it will take this rich aesthetic feeling and merge it with your personal style.

We have whole families of neutral and patterned fabrics that will be wonderful in these rooms. Our neutral collections from whites to taupes to greys to browns (even including some solid colors) have grown impressively. Add in animal prints, geometric prints, stripes, florals and others all in coordinating warm butter tones. The richness of brushed or antiqued brass, bronze and copper works incredibly well with the Grisaille colors.

Think of how well a brilliant fushia accent color would pop off this palette. Or perhaps vivid indigo or maybe even a deep aqua.

Grisaille. It might work for your perfect room.