Color Trend for 2015 : Urban Earth

Warm Grays, Coppers and Golds Create Rich Rooms

Spring 2015 is all about pulling together sophisticated mixes of color, pattern and texture that make your home both refreshingly of-the-moment and beautifully timeless. Colors this season range from cool watery hues and restful near-neutrals to luscious berries and earthy metallics. Textures — lustrous leathers, heavily textured wovens, and embossed velvets — add incredible dimension and a shot of style.

Dixon Bartlett – Merchandiser for Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk’s Urban Earth collection addresses a decidedly more nature-inspired palette than have past collections. Natural pigments of bronze, copper and charcoal reflect a respect for the earth in metallic and organic colorways. Fur, feathers and leather support and add to this muscular theme. Here, the absence of bright colors bespeaks a reverence for earth elements and provides a counterpoint to Norwalk’s lighthearted On Shore theme.


Urban Earth is primarily a texture story with incredibly tactile wovens, leathers and velvets in rich, natural colors,” Bartlett says. “Patterns include animal prints such as python, zebra and giraffe – and other natural motifs, such as feathers, geodes and wood grains. Mid-tone gray and brown base colors, accented with bronze and copper, play well with reclaimed wood furniture and natural objects d’art. Touches of silver and gold metallic thread, as well as a handful of metallic leathers, add luminescence.”

Here are a couple of pics using the Urban Earth color trend.  The first is in a very contemporary room, while the second is a fun mid-century modern aesthetic. This coppery, warm family of colors and fabrics is incredibly versatile.

2015_urban_earth_color_trend 2015_urban_earth_color_trend_2

All told, the Urban Earth color trend is one we love and that we can imagine living with and loving for a long time.  Consider it for your perfect room. There are plenty of neutral and understated fabrics for larger furniture pieces (sectionals and sofas) and many, many decorative fabrics and finishes to add the sparkle and life to your room.