Color Trend for 2015 : Cheval

Vivid Patterns and Colors Bring Interior Design Alive

Spring 2015 is all about pulling together sophisticated mixes of color, pattern and texture that make your home both refreshingly of-the-moment and beautifully timeless. Colors this season range from cool watery hues and restful near-neutrals to luscious berries and earthy metallics. Textures — lustrous leathers, heavily textured wovens, and embossed velvets — add incredible dimension and a shot of style.

Dixon Bartlett – Merchandiser for Norwalk Furniture

Inspired by a painting from renowned Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave, Norwalk’s Cheval palette reflects the rich hues used by Eurasian tribes in their hand loomed textiles. Currently popular Suzani and Turkmenistan themes add a lively play of richly layered textures and patterns. Key shades of mulberry, Bordeaux, wheat and gold contribute to the warm embrace of this colorway.


“Eurasian patterns, especially swirls, circles and overscale floated florals have been popular for the last several years. We’ve expanded on that trend with exuberant colors and luxurious textures,” Bartlett says. “We’ve used embossed and plain velvets, heavily textured base cloths with a handloomed quality, and leathers with a lustrous finish. Prints with touches of metallic gold catch the light. Among the fabrics is Cheval, an Isabelle de Borchgrave for Fabricut print that mimics an elaborate horse blanket.”

The most intense and colorful of these hues will likely be used on accent pillows, chairs and ottomans.  Base fabrics on larger furniture pieces such as sofas and sectionals will be easy-to-live-with neutrals.  Here is an interesting example: