Color Trend for 2014 : Tongue-in-Cheek Chic

For Those Looking For a Little Edge in Their Design


Note the buddha images

This is where you see the influence of Steampunk and alternative styles meeting the couture inspired designs of Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Roberto Cavalli and Kean Etro.  These designers were showing rivets, studs, grommets and metal accents. The result is a wonderful look perfect for a confident and sophisticated room.  Despite it’s outre origins, we think it will be perfect for a few people in Iowa.

There is great contrast built into this look. As you see above, the colors are surprisingly soothing: shades of blue and green from jade to mint complement and highlight the ashen toned base cloths. An altogether restful pallete. Then you punch the room up with the metal accents plus cosmopolitan images of Buddha, dogs and even decorated skull masks and other macabre seeming images. (If you don’t think you can live with skulls, don’t worry — there are plenty of symbols and designs that will work).

That tension between the color scheme and iconography creates a mystery… an edginess in your room that speaks to a sophisticated and questing spirit.  Certainly interior design must have a longer shelf-life than clothing.  You probably won’t want to donate your furniture next year.  This look walks that line quite effectively.