Color Trend for 2014 : Luxury Neutrals

Neutrals Remain Huge in Interior Design

And rightfully so.  Restful, yet extremely sophisticated, this is a look you can live with in your home for years. And, it’s an interior designer’s dream.  You could execute endless – yet unique and wonderful – rooms in Luxury Neutrals.  Here are grey neutrals in a Michael Weiss room:michael_weiss_designs

The palette is understated and reserved. Textures (think natural linen, complex yarns and layered weaving techniques) combine with retrained patterns. Add luscious velvets, metallic fibers and chintz finishes for sparkle and luster.  Luxury Neutrals in the very modern Corbin group on the by Design floor in Des Moines:Corbin Sectional at by Design Des Moines

Greys through browns are the natural home for these designs. Warmth, comfort and elegance are the feelings expressed in their rooms.  by Design is very committed to the Luxury Nuetrals trend.  Our whole addition room is in luxury neutrals.  Plus, our Rustic Chic room is in Luxury Nuetrals.  This shows how very versatile this color trend is!  Style-wise these two rooms are vastly different.  One is very transitional/modern and the other is more neuveau-traditional.  Yet the color trend informing the looks is the same.  cottage featured