Color Trend for 2014 : Greenbrier

A Grand Resort Points the Way to Creating Your ‘Retreat’

We’re busy re-imagining our “Retreat” room.  Norwalk Furniture’s Greenbrier color trend is really in sync with the life-style we’re trying to illustrate. This is a great look if you want to feel on vacation every day of your life… if you want to feel surrounded by calm luxury… if you want to create — a retreat. Here is how Norwalk describes the Greenbrier:

The Alleghany Mountains of West Virginia are home to one of America’s grandest traditional resorts, The Greenbrier at White Sulphur Springs.  Renowned for it’s exuberant Dorothy Draper decorated interiors, this relaxed and elegant playground for the rich has welcomed both kings and commoners.

The Greenbrier trend fabrics will have greens that range from moss to emerald, blues with a turquoise hue, and purples in all shades of violet.  Base cloth fabrics can be any shade of white as well as sands and beiges.  We’ll be working on this room over the next couple of months.  Please come in and take a look at our Retreat. Now here’s a little more of the Greenbrier: greenbriergreenbrier_resortGreenbrier_main_lobby