Color Trend for 2014 : Drum Beat

Tribal and Ethnic Motifs Take on Fresh New Color Palletes

Drum Beat is the latest expression of the appealing Ethnic interior design trend. Once again showing its overall versatility by integrating new colors and motifs in with old — this trend has amazing appeal. Adobe hues and Navajo themes from the southwest. Vivid hand-woven fabrics from the plains of central Africa.  Rug designs from the middle-east.  And, increasingly, a combination of all of these.  Ethnic and tribal patterns and themes are incredibly popular.  And everywhere are patterns, patterns, patterns. drum-beat-color-trendAnimal skins are shown everywhere in the home.  Mud and kuba cloths are combined with quilted fabrics, dense natural fibers and a bit of sparkle and shine.  Deep chocolate and mineral greys anchor this strongly earth-toned palette.  Accent colors are always rich, warm and deep.  Try Prussian blue to add a restful complement to these vividly alive rooms. If you love to travel (in-person or with your TV), a room in the Drum Beat theme will be a constant reminder of your love of new cultures, old ideas and amazing worlds.  Bring your love of the exotic into your home in Des Moines!