Spring color trend 2011: Passport (grey, green, yellow)

Passport is the third color trend we’ll spotlight identified by Norwalk as a Spring 2011 color trend.  But… Passport is special.  Its really in the trends twice.  Take a look at the next post too!

As the world grows increasingly small and as international travel becomes commonplace, it is inevitable that home styles and design trends would assume an international point of view. From Europe to the Mid East, and India to Asia we see design themes, colors, and styles repeating themselves and showing up in national and international shelter magazines.

Nation-spanning themes, like the use of the many shades of purple, the ubiquitous presence of suzanni designs, and the ascendancy of linen as a mainstream upholstery fabric, are all indicators of the globalization of home fashions. In Passport, Norwalk addresses a sophisticated blend of grey and green/yellow combinations in a worldly mix of travel inspired patterns.

Fabrics in Norwalk’s color collection Passport:
7-187211   MOMBASSA
8-035112   GINKO
8-624812   KOMODO
8-382315   GABBANA
5-035019   OTIS
8-306919   VELVET GEO
3-452627   DAHLIA
7-212728   TOMCAT
10-382729   RENSHAW
4-260546   MYSTERE
11-484646   MAKAMBA
9-484846   TITCH
9-853746   BROMPTON
6-074262   PLUGGED IN
10-624463   ALADDIN
4-566266   SARAH

8-346283 AMBOISE












These fabrics are already on the by Design wall of over 5,000 fabrics in our store in Des Moines.


Like to view a quick video about Passport?  Click the arrow on the video below: