2011 color trend forecast from Pittsburgh Paints

Pittsburgh Paints has issued their 2011 interior design color trends forecast.  Their designers are attempting to help us see the directions interior design will be exploring this year and in the near future.  Here are their forecasts:


Canvas – leather, stone & wood.  Linen, cotton, hemp & pale bleached woods.  Raw textures & rugged surfaces.   Neutrals have been a powerful force in design for a couple of years.  Of course this palette itself is evolving.  You’ll see this color theme at by Design in both our Neutrals Room and downstairs in our new Rustic Chic room. To see more at Pittsburgh’s site go to Canvas.



Zest – This palette has high energy yellow, white, black and grey colors and uses geometric forms, bright finishes and quirky shapes.  This is all sorts of fun.  Its bright and fun in the summer, yet warm and snuggly in the winter.  We have this color palette on the floor at by Design in .  See more of Zest on Pittsburgh’s site at Zest.



Pink City. Named after the Indian city Jaipur, this pallete rings with vibrant life.  Pittsburgh’s designers describe it as:  “Indian pink and spicy rusty orange, linen white, stony gray and chocolate brown.”  This is a wonderful palette.  Warm and colorful yet earthy and livable.  See Pink City on Pittsburgh’s site by clicking on Pink City.




Grace – Grace is a serene & elegant palette.  The colors range from pale butter to golden to deep bronze-gold with wonderful creamy whites mixed in.  See more details on Pittsburgh’s site at Grace.



The entire article, along with previous years, is available at http://www.voiceofcolorcafe.com/trends/ .

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