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You should consider painting your walls dark.

No doubt it takes a bit of courage. And we aren’t really patting ourselves on the back, because its easier taking a risk in a furniture and interior design store like by Design than it is in your home. Nevertheless, we think you should consider dark colored walls in a special room in your home. We painted one of our upstairs room a charcoal grey some time ago, and we’ve loved it ever since. Talk about drama — you really create it this way. And yet… and yet… it can still be serene. We know, sounds like a contradiction, but sit for a bit in this room and we think you’ll agree that it is both.

Click on any image below, then page through to view the gallery:

Besides…. its only paint!

Here is a link to a very good blog post at the style files that makes the same point using some great images that you’ll enjoy seeing:

dark colored walls

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