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Our History

By Design was established in 1998, but our history actually goes back to 1976.

In 1976 Russell and Ruthann Clark proposed to their son and daughter in law, Kevin and Bonita Clark, that they open a furniture store together. The first Wood Stock Ltd. store opened in December of 1976 in Des Moines, IA, and was entirely dedicated to selling unfinished wood furniture.

Kevin and Bonita Clark

In 1985 we took our first steps into upholstery by opening a new concept store called Sofas by Design. It was a very early, very limited version of our current store. The concept caught on immediately and we became excited about the future of custom upholstery.

By 1999 we had become convinced that the wood specialty business no longer offered us the excitement and opportunities to serve our customers that we needed. We made the decision to close our old friend and first love, Wood Stock and also our Sofas by Design store. We would take the best parts of both of them and combine them into a new concept.

by Design and their talented designers have been a big part of the Des Moines community ever since! We have helped so many clients create their perfect rooms and have had such a wonderful time doing it. See what our clients have to say about by Design.

About Us?

Definitely not. by Design is all about you: your dreams, your style, your home, your life. We don’t use your room to execute our style. You don’t have to buy into one signature style that we show on our floor in a few colors. It isn’t (and it shouldn’t be) about us. It is all about you.

Our Mission

by Design’s mission is to serve people who care deeply about their homes as a focal point in their lives: To listen, to help, to inform, to inspire and ultimately to execute a room or home that our client is proud of… and loves to spend time in.

Products & Designs

Since our mission is to help you to discover your own personal sense of style, we focus first on furniture products that are customizable. Expressing your unique sense of style with a few factory chosen fabrics would be ludicrous. Instead, you are presented with a fabric wall that has thousands of fabrics and leathers. Dining tables are available in wood tops, tile tops, stone tops, glass tops and more — and can be finished in many wood tones and paint colors.



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